Why use us

Why use our design services

We are a group of programmers, copy writers, graphic designers, and internet marketers, that understand through our vast experience.. not only….what it takes to create a web presence, but what it takes to pique your visitor’s interest to take action.

Now as a Small Business owner, you can get the same team that has created global marketing systems and websites, to design and mainatain your personal or Small Business Website

The Process

We always provide a good amount of feedback to you including ‘what-ifs’, ‘why-nots’ and ‘we-recommend-these’ items that greatly help refine your website concept, functionality and architecture.

We will start work with a deposit and will provide a mock-up of our design for your approval, once the mock-up has been approved, we will create your design..

Once the final design has been approved by you, the final balance will become due.